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In the summer of 2011, friends and business partners Josh Pierson and Geoff Foley decided it was high time they create a film production co. that┬áresembled the types of films they were striving to create, and the type of name that would resonate with anyone that heard it or saw one of their films. After much deliberation, the name was finalized as “Burn Baby Burn Films,” a name that resembles the kind of outward thinking and big production mentality that it’s creators hold.


Josh Pierson has a long history in the entertainment scene. Since he moved from the east coast to Sacramento, CA he quickly was drawn to the local music scene that was so prevalent in the area by promoting live music at several of the mid to large venues in Sacramento in hopes to create a cross-promoting atmosphere. While working full time, and promoting, he knew he wasn’t doing what he truly loved to do-write, so he hooked up with a friend in Charlie Hanks who was striving to create a magazine for the Sacramento region called Klusterfuct Magazine, where Josh started a column titled, ‘The Underground Sound’ which focused on the underground metal scene throughout the country that had started to take off at the time. From there, Charlie was able to get some backing and created Fringe Magazine, where Josh re-vamped his column to strictly write full band interviews with some large metal bands such as Death Angel, Unearth, Shadows Fall, and All That Remains just to name a few. Then after much debating, he moved to a larger market, with a better chance for people to read his words and signed on with Your Music Magazine out of Santa Cruz, CA performing interviews and articles with some huge metal bands, and huge rock/punk bands such as John 5 (Of Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson), KORN, Devildriver, and Rise Against just to name a few. After a few years, he decided it was high time he be doing what his major passion is – write and direct films, which is where Geoff and him met in December of 2010. Almost instantly, Geoff realized that Josh had a great vision and great passion, and they created a short zombie web series called ‘Diary of a Dead Man’, and released two episodes under the production co. Zombie House Pictures. During the production of the second episode, they partnered with a young and hungry Director of Photography, Chris Cambell, who had a lot of the same vision as Josh. Realizing he was ready to pursue larger projects, the two decided to concentrate on locating funds for the huge production ‘Lucky’s Four,’ and begin production on a detailed documentary ‘Prepare For War – A Thrashumentary’ which focuses on both loves of Josh’s-Thrash metal and Filming! The future is looking bright.


Geoff Foley is a long-time web programmer, marketer, independent writer, producer, technical editor, and occasional cinematographer. He’s been involved in the creative world his entire life.

Geoff currently works through three production companies he helped found: Waterline Entertainment, Burn Baby Burn Films, and Zombie House Pictures, a joint venture between Waterline Entertainment and The Zombie Club, a non-profit community activism and outreach organization he co-founded.